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Results from Varithena Treatment

More than 300,000 treatments have been performed, delivering relief to people looking to feel better and look better — in as little as one treatment.

Proven, Reliable Results

In clinical studies, the majority of patients treated with Varithena experienced these results after just one treatment:

Improved symptoms

Including heaviness, achiness, swelling, throbbing and itching

Improved vein appearance

In assessments by both patients and physicians

In Varithena pivotal trials, only 3.4% of patients needed to re-treat an area included in the initial treatment session.1

Its safety has been shown in 1,333 patients in 12 clinical trials.



Treatment Can Be Life-Changing1


Thurman’s veins stuck out in his thigh and lower leg and would hurt at night, making it hard to sleep. Aching and pain prevented him from doing what he wanted to do. But he didn’t want to have his veins stripped, so he delayed treatment and suffered with the pain and immobility — until he had them treated with Varithena.

Watch the video to hear his story.

Before & After Treatment

It’s possible to love your legs again. You may be only one treatment away from finding relief. See how effective Varithena can be.

Photos are eight weeks after one treatment session. Most patients see a change in varicose vein appearance and related discomfort after one treatment. Your results may vary.

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Where to Get Varithena Treatment

Get in touch with a physician who knows about the latest treatment methods. They can talk to you about whether Varithena is right for you.

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  1. Todd KL, et al. Phlebology. 2014; 29: 608-18.